Background removal is the process of removing the existing background from an image and add another element or color. The goal is to focus the subject and match with background. Background removal is one such process, involving the removal of the existing background from an image and replacing it with another element or color. The goal is to perfectly match your subject with the new background.

How Background Removal is Done

Removing background involves a number of ways. The most used technique is to use the pen tool on Photoshop. It allows you to precisely select around the object you want to keep and remove the rest of the background.
Photoshop offers you a great control over the selection process of object. However, for a professional output, you require skills and practices to effectively remove backgrounds for digital use.
The Essence of Background Removal

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Bulk Image Background Removal Services

Adphics provides a wide variety of image editing services including background removal. We understand the essence of background removal for your products or portraits.

Clipping Path:

The clipping path service is one of the most popular methods used for background removal for images with straight or rectangular edges, such as a jar, box, or bag. It requires using tools like Photoshop’s Pen tool to draw a path around the object by hand. After drawing the path, we delete or hide the background outside the path, leaving only the desired object.

Image Masking:

We often perform image masking services for images with complex and unclear edges. For image masking, you need to create a mask that allows you to select which parts of the image to show or hide. Layer masking, alpha masking, and channel masking are all image masking techniques that let you remove background more accurately.

Applications and Benefits

Is there a background removal service available for your needs? Well, digital photos and videos are becoming more and more important as more and more businesses go digital.
Background removal services are commonly utilized in these fields:


For clean and professional product images, background removal is essential. Removing distracting backgrounds helps to focus attention on the product itself.

Commercial Photography

Professional photographers frequently require background removal services. Whether for portraits, fashion shoots, or commercial projects, removing the unwanted backgrounds significantly impacts the overall appearance of an image.

Digital Advertising

In advertising campaigns across various media platforms, background removal service is unavoidable. Whether it’s print ads, billboards, digital banners, or social media posts, clean and engaging images are essential for capturing audiences’ attention.

Promotional Designs

Background removal services are widely used in promotional designs for brochures, flyers, posters, and other marketing materials.

Background Removal Service Categories

Combining photo editors with AI tools for reliable photo background removal services and other background services


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Making White and Colored Background

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Background Blurring

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Frequently Asked Questions

For expert editing and professional output, indeed you need to outsource background removal service. Although, with practice you can start editing on Photoshop by yourself, for commercial use, you should definitely look for an expert background removal service.
We provide a range of background removal services such as, making transparent background, colored background, background replacement with other objects, and background blurring.
Yes, at Adphics, we operate three shifts, making sure 24/7 service availability. For tasks such as creating transparent or colored backgrounds, we can process up to 1000 images within a 24-hour period.
Certainly! If you’re a new customer, we're pleased to offer you a trial of our services with three background removal edits. Whether you require background blurring, replacement, or any other type of editing, simply provide us with your images, and we'll deliver the edited output within hours.