Drop and Natural Shadow

Product images on brand websites and e-commerce platforms must be eye-catching to attract customers. This is achieved by enhancing the images with Photoshop’s Shadow Creation service to make them appear more natural. The Shadow Creation service is primarily used to showcase product images in a natural manner.
We create shadows in product images using Photoshop tools. In Photoshop, to add a shadow, we start by making a separate layer behind the object itself. Then we pick out the object and use layer styles to add the shadow effect. The goal is to enhance the image with a realistic appearance.
What is Drop and National Image Manipulation Before BEFORE
What is Drop and National Image Manipulation After AFTER

How Shadow Creation is Done in Photoshop

Selection & Shadow Generation

First, the product or object is selected by Pen tool or Magic Wand tool in Photoshop to separate it from the background. Later, a new layer is created beneath the product layer. With the Brush or Gradient tool, you can draw a soft-edged shadow shape under the item that moves with the light source and its intensity.


The shadow layer is then blended with the background using blending modes like Multiply or Overlay to create a natural-looking shadow effect. Opacity and blur settings are adjusted to get the level of realism you want.


Fine-tuning is done to adjust the shape, opacity, and softness of the shadow to make sure it matches the lighting conditions and background.

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Types of Shadow Service

Drop Shadow

It looks like the object is slightly raised above its background, with a shadow falling below it. This is called a drop shadow. It makes the object and its background look like they are farther away and have more depth. Designers change opacity, blur, and angle of a shadow layer in Photoshop so it can be used as drop shadow.

Reflection Shadow

A reflection shadow or a mirror shadow makes an object look like it has a reflection under it, as if it were on a reflective surface. For product photos it make it look like things are on shiny or reflective surfaces like water, metal, or glass. For reflection shadows, the object layer is usually copied and flipped, and then transformations like skewing, blurring, and changing opacity are used to make it look like it is reflecting.

Natural Shadow

A natural shadow, also known as an original shadow, is cast when a product or object is photographed. But sometimes its natural shadow is dimmed because of poor lighting conditions or improper camera settings. We use a number of techniques, such as adjustments in Photoshop, to make the product’s natural shadow brighter and better.

Photoshop Shadow Creation

Let’s introduce with some of the types of shadow creation service you can use for product display.
Create Reflection Shadow Before BEFORE

Create Reflection Shadow

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Create Product Natural Shadow Before BEFORE
Create Product Natural Shadow After AFTER

Create Product/ Natural Shadow

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Create Drop Shadow Before BEFORE
Create Drop Shadow After AFTER

Create Drop Shadow

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$ 0.25



Retain Original Shadow Before BEFORE

Retain Original Shadow

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Request for Shadow Creation Service from Adphics

For our old and new clients, we have our own FTP server where they can upload their images securely. More than a hundred clients of ours are providing us with images and receiving the outputs from our server. If you are a new client, please email us with your requirements. Let us know if you have large files to send. We will grant you access to our FTP server and provide five images free of charge. This will allow you to evaluate our service quality and ensure timely delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s nothing wrong with natural shadow of an object. However, natural shadows often get dimmed or remain unfocused, for which professional editing is often needed to display the product attractively and attract customers.
No, at present we are not providing photography service, but we are planning on providing photography service soon.
A reflection shadow would be best for glass, metal, or anything with a shiny surface.
The standard price for shadow making starts at $0.49. However, you’ll find drop shadow service provider within $0.25, but for high-end drop shadow effect you need to look for someone below $0.49. At Adphics, we provide up to 500 images with drop shadow effects within 24 hours at $0.49 per image.