Today, the image is not only a photograph but an essential element of conveying meaning, illustrating, persuading, and even selling. For those who can take professional photographs for business purposes, business people, investors, or anyone needing to remove undesired objects or people from the photographic image, our photo manipulation service is here to turn your photos into lovely masterpieces.

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What is Photo Manipulation?

In simpler terms, it is the process of enhancing or editing a picture to look better or even removing any defects to make it look as good as possible or even to achieve a specific look that was intended. While referring to photo manipulation to basic photo editing consisting of cropping or basic color correction, going the extra km for creativity and technology pays off for the best work to be produced.

Our Photo Manipulation Services

Basic Photo Editing

Color Correction

Making the focus glow red-eye reduction, and the power on the face detection lowers the time it takes to capture pictures.

Exposure Adjustment

Another issue is the breakup and contrast—a common problem in balancing and erasing the light areas to reach the required balanced level.

Cropping and Resizing

Regarding transforming the composition formula, some aspects are traded and deleted to make room for other essential elements in the picture.

Photo manipulation

Let’s introduce with some of the types of shadow creation service you can use for product display.

Photo Manipulation

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Photo Manipulation

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The Essence of Photo Manipulation Before BEFORE
The Essence of Photo Manipulation After AFTER

Medium Clipping Path

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Photo Manipulation__After AFTER

Photo Manipulation

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Advanced Photo Manipulation Photoshop

Background Removal and Replacement

It is recalling or eliminating the background in order to replace it with a new background that enriches the subject or eliminates any potential interference in capturing a certain issue that may not be relevant to the context.

Object Removal

Erasing or crossing out certain objects that one does not want to appear in the photo or individuals for some reasons do not want to be captured on camera.

Composite Images

It can be considered joining when combining parts from several different photographs into one photograph.


Transferring bitmapped or bitmap-type images: These are images formed of pixels into vector images formed of paths.

Adding or removing people

Some photo manipulation techniques pointed out are: Taking someone’s face and placing it somewhere else requires selecting the skin area, then erasing, filling in the new person, putting him or her in the image, and adjusting the details to make it look real.

Professional Stylization

One of the two concepts with profound alterations is professional stylization and background changes under advanced altering and body processes.

File Format Conversion

It could be the conversion process from one image type to another, such as from JPEG to PNG or TIFF to GIF.

Creative Effects

Special Effects

Things like using light streaks and fowl lens flair, blur and out-of-focus subjects, or makeup effects.

Artistic Filters

It places the cosmetics that make an image on the digital platform to give it an aesthetic look from an artistic perspective.

HDR Processing

Two photographs are added to duplicate one image into another of high dynamic range with improved picture sharpness.

Smoke effect

It relies on layers, layer styles, and blending modes to mimic the motion of smoking.

Photo into a Sketch

Refers to a method of creating an image using distinct staking techniques, where the image is similar to a sketch.

Photo into a Painting

It is very intricate and entails several stages to achieve a style related to traditional paintings.

Photo into a Cartoon

In Photoshop, to transform a photo to look more cartoon-like, the user will need to use specific elements from the filters, adjustment, and brush sections.

Magazine-Level Skin Retouching

It concerns a number of strategies that allow smooth and impeccable skin while avoiding grooming that appears artificial.

Pin-Up Effect

It is the transformation of a modern snapshot to the retro pin up look with an optional standard colors, perfect skin tone and the sexy tone, which could be either vintaged or half-shirt cheeky.

Commercial Image Manipulation Service

Product Photo Enhancement

Retouching printed photographs of products taken to make them presentable in the market, covering categories such as eCommerce, catalogs, and advertisements.

Fashion and Beauty Retouching

Enhancing fashion photography to enhance its professional appearance by applying a skin-smoothing technique, body sculpting mapping, and makeup boosting.

Real Estate Photo Editing

We are using Saturation, painting it, fixing the eraser effects, or adding artificial home stager-type lighting.

Our Photo Retouching Manipulation Service Process


However, to avoid confusion, we first arrange an appointment that outlines the services to be rendered, the performance expected, and any other aspects needed.

Editing and Manipulation

This is true owing to the institute’s hardworking, highly qualified professional staff, who work with the best software and techniques. This applies to every aspect of packaging—it is never simply art, but it also solves a practical need.

Review and Feedback

Below, you can enjoy the share of toned images which we provided in this post original pictures and the ones edited to fit your choice. If you see any improvement needed, do not hesitate to let us know since our main and unique concern is to meet all your needs here.

Final Delivery

Upon satisfaction with the results, photographs smoothed and formatted in high resolution are completed. Depending on the project, these files can be in traditional printable format, as a webpage, or as a set of images that can be posted on social media.

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