Hair masking a specific type of image masking service particularly used for portraits and fashion photography. Hair masking service requires separating the hair from the background or other elements. It requires advanced masking techniques in Adobe Photoshop for realistic result.
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How Hair Masking is Done in Photoshop?

Initial Selection: Make a rough selection around the hair with the Quick Selection Tool. This should include most of the hair strands.

Refine Edge: Go to the Select and Mask (or Refine Edge) workspace to make the selection even better. Use tools like the Refine Edge Brush Tool to focus on the edges of the hair.

Output Selection: Choose how you want to output the refined hair selection. For example, you can save it with a transparent background or make a new layer with a layer mask.

Fine-Tuning and Finalization: Review the masked hair and make any necessary changes using tools like the Brush Tool with a soft brush.

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Benefits of Hair Masking

Hair masking is mostly used for fashion and portrait images. With hair masking, it’s possible to:

Remove Background Distractions

Hair masking lets you separate hair from the background very precisely, which lets you get rid of background distractions like shadows, reflections, or cluttered backgrounds. So, you get a clean background that brings out the natural beauty of the hair.

Correct Hair Color and Texture

With hair masking, you can change hair color, tone, and texture. It lets you improve or change your hair the way you want, fixing color issues, adding highlights, or changing the contrast.

Enhance Hair Volume and Length

In Photoshop, you can try out different hair cuts, styles, and arrangements. As a photographer or designer, you can change the shape, length, and texture of hair as much innovative way as you want.

Creative Styling

Hair masking lets you be creative with your styling and try out different hair cuts, styles, and arrangements. Editors can later change the shape, length and texture of hair with certain ideas or themes.

How We Execute Hair Masking Service

Fashion Photography

Hair is an important part of fashion photography because it shows off clothes, accessories, and overall style. Hair masking helps keep hair details and make sure they are shown correctly.

Beauty and Cosmetics

The beauty and cosmetics industry often uses model images to showcase products like haircare, skin care, and makeup. Hair masking makes sure that hair looks perfect and well-kept in product photos

Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers often use hair masking to improve hair details in bridal portraits. This makes sure that the bride’s hair and overall look is excellent.

Outsource Hair Masking Services

We follow the most advanced and powerful masking techniques to control the visibility of a layer.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re not an expert in Photoshop, it might be difficult for you at first. However, if you can apply proper masking technique, you can do the professional masking service.
Yes, we provide image masking services for jewelry photos, wedding photos, and product photos.
Certainly, we provide up to 500 masked images within 24 hours.