Showcase your property’s features and create a positive first impression with our real estate photo editing services. We help you highlight your property’s best appearance and present it in the most appealing view. Contact us at for the best real estate photo editing services.

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Common Techniques in Professional Real Estate Photo Editing

Color Correction and Enhancement

For aesthetic real estate images, we use adjustment layers in Photoshop to modify white balance, saturation, and contrast. Tools like the Curves or Levels adjustment can help fine-tune colors. It ensures the photos look natural and good-looking.

Object Removal and Image Cleanup

Sometimes there might be unwanted objects and elements in the picture. For this type of real estate photo retouching, we use tools like Clone Stamp tool or Content-Aware Fill to remove unwanted objects like power lines, cars or clutter.

Virtual Staging

To make your pictures look fulfilled and decorated, adding furniture and decorations digitally help potential buyers imagine how the property could look when furnished. You can provide us the furniture or custom elements you’d like to include in the scene.

Reflection Enhancement

For areas with reflections, such as windows, mirrors, or water bodies, we clean up the distractions within the reflection.

HDR Imaging

Not all the areas of your property may be well-lit. For challenging lighting conditions, we utilize Photoshop’s HDR Merge to adjust the exposure, highlights, and shadows for a balanced result.

Sky Replacement

When outdoor images feature dull or overcast skies, replacing them with more vibrant and appealing alternatives can attract potential buyers. Sky replacement can be achieved using layer masking and blending modes to seamlessly integrate the new sky.

Perspective Correction

We ensure that vertical and horizontal lines are straightened to accurately represent the property, giving the images a professional appearance.

Window Pulling

Enhancing the view outside windows by brightening and clarifying the exterior scene adds delight to your property. This process is done using layer masking and blending modes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have numerous properties and wish to present them to potential clients with high-quality images, seeking real estate picture editing services is advisable.
We primarily use Adobe Photoshop for real estate image editing services and enhancement. However, we also utilize other Adobe products if advanced features are required.
Adphics is an overall image post-production company that specializes not only in real estate but also in various other industries such as, wedding, e-commerce, jewelry, etc.
Certainly, we can enhance the lighting in your rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.