Photo resizing is the process of adjusting the sizes of an image, whether by reducing its size or cropping dimensionally. It might sound very simple and straightforward at first, but the demand for photo resizing and cropping services are not small.
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Why Image Resizing is Done?

There are several reasons why it’s important to resize images:

Optimization for the Web: Reducing an image file size helps it load faster on websites. This help web pages to perform better, especially on mobile devices with slower internet connections.

Saving Space: When an image is downsized, this helps servers, cloud storage, and devices save space. This helps sites that store a lot of pictures, like e-commerce sites, social media sites, and cloud storage services.

Improving Performance: Web pages and apps overall performs better after images are resized. Eventually, it decreases bounce rates and keeps users interested as the loading time is quick.

Visibility: In wide or large images, there might be unwanted objects and elements. They can be removed by cropping images and make the image eye-catching.

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Who Requires Image Resizing Services

The following industries often need image resizing services


Online stores often have to change the size of their product pictures to make sure that all of their listings look the same. They also have to make sure that the pictures are optimized so that they load quickly on their websites or mobile apps.

Photography and Media

Photographers, publishers, and media companies change the size of pictures for magazines, websites, digital publications, and multimedia shows.

Graphic Design

Web developers resize images to make user interfaces look good, make sure websites work well on all devices and screen sizes, and improve performance.

Web development

Photographers, publishers, and media companies change the size of pictures for magazines, websites, digital publications, and multimedia shows.

Categories Of Photo Editing And Cropping Service


Cropping for a close up and rule of thirds

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Cropping out distractions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it can involve adjusting the dimensions of an image, where you may reduce or enlarge its physical size and cut out unwanted areas. If you reduce the image, it may result in a smaller file size and vice versa.
The standard photo size for web upload is typically recommended to be within 100 kB. However, if you prioritize maintaining image quality, you can consider slightly higher sizes, up to around 200 kB.
At Adphics, we can resize up to 1000 images every day. We operate with three shifts to ensure 24/7 service availability for our clients.

Yes, you can resize your own photos using various software or online tools. However, for images with complex elements or where precise resizing is crucial, it's advisable to seek assistance from a professional for the best results.