Multiple Clipping Path (MCP) is a photo editing technique used to separate different parts of an image into multiple layers, each with its own unique clipping path. It is a powerful tool that allows graphic designers and photo editors to have greater control over the individual elements in an image, and to make precise changes to each element without affecting the others.
Multiple Clipping Path_before Manu BEFORE
Multiple Clipping Path_after Manu AFTER

The process of creating an MCP usually involves creating multiple paths around the different parts of an image that need to be separated. For example, if an image has a person and a background, the person and the background would be separated into two different layers, each with its own clipping path. This allows the editor to make changes to each layer separately, such as adjusting the brightness, contrast or color of the background without affecting the person in the foreground.

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MCP is especially useful for images with complex shapes or objects that need to be isolated and edited separately. For example, an image of a car with different parts like wheels, mirrors and windows can be easily separated using multiple clipping paths. This makes it possible to adjust the color, brightness or contrast of each part individually, or even to replace a specific part of the car with a different image.

Another application of MCP is in the fashion industry, where it is used to create customized color variations of garments or accessories. Using multiple clipping paths, designers can separate different parts of a clothing item, such as the sleeves, collar, buttons and change their colors to create unique variations of the same design.

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Creating Multiple Image Layers

In addition to photo editing, MCP is also used in web design and e-commerce. It is a common practice for online retailers to use multiple clipping paths to showcase their products in different colors or from different angles. This technique helps to create a more engaging and interactive shopping experience for the customer and allows them to view the product in detail before making a purchase.

In conclusion: Multiple Clipping Path is a versatile photo editing technique that offers greater flexibility and precision while working with complex images. Its applications range from fashion and product design to e-commerce and web design making it an essential tool for anyone who works with digital images.