For pixel-detailed image editing, Clipping Path is the solution. If you want to remove the background from an image and edit it further, Clipping Path is the best solution to your process. To do this, it only takes a few simple steps with image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. The goal is to detach a portion or an unwanted element from an image and attach it to another picture.
What is clipping path

What Does The Clipping Path Actually Mean?

A clipping path is a technique that allows you to isolate a portion of an image. You can continue working with the isolated portion in a different image. For instance, there is an apple on your table, and you want to remove everything else except for the apple. Adobe Photoshop commonly performs this process by clipping paths.

Adphics is a company that operates 24/7 on different shifts with a dedicated image editing team. We have been providing image editing services at a very cheap and competitive rate. Our clipping path service starts at only $0.49, and we can provide more than 500 complex images within just 24 hours.

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How Does CL Work Before BEFORE
How Does CL Work After AFTER

How Does Clipping Path Work?

In image editing, the clipping path is a manual process. So there are a few steps involved in a decent clipping path. To create a path in Adobe Photoshop, you must first select an image and then use various tools like a pen, lasso, or magic wand. These tools help create the initial path and select the edge of the object you want to keep. Once you create the path, you can isolate the selected elements by removing the background. For further work, you can use the isolated elements from another image.

Industries That Require Clipping Path


Jewelry images often require editing to be isolated from the background and placed on a customized background. At Adphics, we edit a number of jewelry items, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Our meticulous clipping path service makes them perfect for catalogs, websites, and apps.


Professional photographers capture human portraits, product images, and commercial images. Photographers must remove unwanted elements for a clean and focused image, a process that can be quite time-consuming. Adphics assist photographers with their expertise in clipping paths and other types of image manipulation.

E-commerce Advertising

E-commerce platforms are a big place to buy and sell things. Sellers on e-commerce platforms require well-revised and corrected images. It impacts consumer perceptions and purchasing decisions.
Adphics provides clipping path services to a number of e-commerce sellers to make their regular images visually appealing.

xEnhanced Creativity

xBy separating objects from their original backgrounds, you open the door to creative possibilities. You can combine different elements to craft unique compositions, experiment with different backgrounds, or create stunning visual effects that captivate your audience.

Clipping Path Service Categories

Different categories classify the clipping path based on the complexity of an image and its complex elements. Take a look at sample images based on their categories.
Basic Clipping Path Before BEFORE
Basic Clipping Path After AFTER

Basic Clipping Path

We apply a simple or basic clipping path to images that are relatively easy to shape and straightforward. This type of clipping path requires only one layer to separate the object from the background. For instance, a basic clipping path can isolate objects such as books, cans, and straight-sided bottles.

Starts From

$ 0.49



Simple CL Before BEFORE
Simple CL After AFTER

Simple Clipping Path

The simple clipping path is also fairly similar to the basic clipping path. However, the only difference between a simple clipping path and a basic clipping path is that there are more curves. For example, a t-shirt, watch, and bag can be considered simple clipping paths.

Starts From

$ 0.99



Medium CL Before BEFORE
Medium CL After AFTER

Medium Clipping Path

In this category, images will have more curved edges and a number of holes. Photo editors need to edit such a photo in stages to focus the object clearly. Editing this type of image takes more time than a basic and simple clipping path.

Starts From

$ 1.5



Complex CL Before 1 BEFORE
Complex CL After 2 AFTER

Complex Clipping Path

This category typically includes products with complicated shapes. There will be a lot of holes and anchor points. For instance, the complex shapes of bicycles, furniture, and jewelry require extensive editing through a complex clipping path process.

Starts From

$ 4.5



Frequently Asked Questions

The core difference between the two is that crop allows you to select a portion of an image, mostly in square or round shape. While clipping paths allows you to select any portion within an image very delicately.
Absolutely, we have dedicated teams of experts in image editing and manipulation. We consistently provide super-complex clipping path services to our clients.
If you have only one image, you will receive the output within an hour. However, for larger quantities, it will now take more than 24 hours.